#TemasekGives enables individual and corporate donors to support meaningful community programmes alongside Temasek’s family of foundations.

More than a decade ago, Temasek started to think of how to give back to the community in a meaningful and sustainable way. The thinking and philosophy of creating something beyond a typical donation model – one that is sustainable and addresses current issues was seeded.

In 2003, we instituted a policy of setting aside a portion of our returns to share with the community, for each year that we exceed our risk adjusted cost of capital.

It is important for these contributions to be sustainable – continued availability of funds, governance in the management and disbursement of the funds, and having the right team of committed, passionate people to deliver the outcomes and desired impact in the communities we serve.

More on Temasek as a Trusted Steward here.

Exercising stewardship, making a difference

Established in 2007, Temasek Trust is the independent trustee of philanthropic endowments and gifts from Temasek and other donors, for its family of philanthropic organisations.

Guided by the twin pillars of sustainability and good governance, Temasek Trust oversees the financial management and disbursements of the gifts and endowments from Temasek and other donors. This involves the disbursements to the six non-profit, philanthropic Temasek Foundations which drive community initiatives for the people in Singapore and beyond, as well as Stewardship Asia Centre which promotes sound stewardship and good governance across Asia.

Temasek Trust strives also to foster thoughtful governance in the non-profit, philanthropic world by serving as a convener of philanthropic ideas and best practices, an advocate of corporate giving, and a catalyst for enhancing capabilities.

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