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The Business Times - Opinion: Effective corporate giving: Striving for better, always

14 December 2018

A society is at its best when everyone is encouraged to be involved in the co-creation of value towards meaningful causes. An example is the creation of Project Silver Screen, a nation-wide programme to help senior citizens aged 60 and above, to see, hear and eat better.

The project, with the support of 12 corporate donors contributing S$35 million, aims to improve the seniors' quality of life. 

Beyond that, is also created to conceive new pathways to usher in an inclusive movement of public giving and volunteerism. Project Silver Screen is the first programme that this new site is supporting, where givers partner the business community as well as individuals to care for the nation's seniors together.

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联合早报: 乐龄人士为何抗拒体检?

04 December 2018


受访的医疗专家根据与年长者接触的经验,将不愿意做体检的缘由归纳为四大主要因素: (1)对做体检存有误解 ; (2)欠缺提早防范意识; (3) 担心收费昂贵; (4)行动不便;也同时提出各项解决方案,详介让见过一代免费做身体功能检查的乐龄体检计划。